The third sector has a ‘public good’ role in society, one that is informed by values and practices that are clearly distinct from the mainstream economy. For this fundamental reason, the sector needs a financial investment infrastructure suited to its culture, purposes and working landscape. Recent financial scandals continue to generate concerns as to the values that underpin them, in particular, because of their tendency to focus on private investor returns rather than the fuller social, environmental and economic benefits of an organisation’s work and the health of the wider third sector and society as a whole.

Scottish Community Re:Investment Trust’s Mission:

is to allow the third sector to pool its financial resources for the mutual benefit of the sector and the communities it serves.


  • provides opportunities for third sector organisations to invest in and support the development of the third sector and the communities it serves;
  • develops sector specific financial services and products;
  • promotes financial capability and increasing the financial expertise of the third sector; and
  • is committed to third sector values and ethos, and working in collaboration  with the sector through its Board, membership and networks.