SCRT’s vision: is of an effective, socially-committed and prospering Scottish third sector sustained by a financial infrastructure consistent with its aims, values and needs.

SCRT’s mission:  is to harness the collective financial reserves of the third sector and to use it to provide social investment that is relevant, appropriate and in tune with the needs of the sector.

The community reinvestment model is based on the premise that third sector organisations and personnel (staff/trustees/volunteers) have a vested interest in ensuring the sector they either work for or volunteer with is successful.  By becoming social investors in the sector, not only are they using their financial resources in a socially responsible manner, but their organisations are more financially robust and better able to meet their charitable and community outcomes.

SCRT’s core values: we will work within the third sector’s four broad value-based narratives as follows:

  • Independence:by supporting the development of a third sector able to work independently of both state and private sector interests;
  • Working for the common good:by committing to practical steps to building a common, collective and shared wealth through a developing third sector;
  • Social justice:by asserting a fair society and protection of the planet as pre-conditions for third sector development and a wider sustainable society; and
  • Democratic practice:by drawing from the third sector’s long-standing democratic traditions of mutualism, collaboration, and inclusion and advocacy.